Promised Story

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well, here is the rest of the story I promised you. I hope it will encourage you and spur you to encourage someone else! Blessings....

Large drops of rain began to fall as Chloe pulled into the last parking space. She stepped into the storm, hoping it was not a sign of things to come. She had tried this before and it hadn't worked out well. Why did she think this time would be any different? As much as Chloe wanted it to work, she had already decided that this was the last shot. Rejected again and she was done.

Chloe opened the glass doors and saw that the foyer was empty. Unsure of where to go, she followed the music coming from the other end of the building. Reaching the auditorium, Chloe took a deep breath and stepped inside.

The auditorium was filled with noise usually found at a rock concert. A large band covered the stage. A screen projected the words of the current song and lights flashed in every direction across the room. The crowd responded to the music with magnified voices, clapped hands, and raised arms. Quietly slipping into the back row, Chloe shed her jacket and joined the worship.

As the music faded, the worship leader invited the congregration to introduce themselves to one another. Chloe froze in her chair. She quickly lowered her head hoping no one would look in her direction. But she was not hard to miss. Her spiky dark hair, pierced lip, and black clothing screamed for attention - just not the attention Chloe wanted.

The minutes dragged on. Hugs, handshakes, and laughter permeated the room, yet silence filled the space surrounding Chloe. A few people glanced in her direction, only to turn their heads and whisper to one another. Rejection crept into Chloe's heart again. This time she couldn't hold back the tears.

As the band began to play the next song, Chloe gathered her things and left. Caught up in her own misery she never heard the footsteps following her.

"Hey," a voice shouted as Chloe reached for the glass door. "Why are you leaving so soon? We were just getting started."

Chloe turned to see a young girl about her age standing in front of her.

"No thanks," Chloe replied bitterly. "I've had enough church."

"Look, I saw what happened during the meet and greet and I'm sorry," the young girl said. "My name is Alana. I'd like to invite you to come back and sit with me."

"Why?" Chloe quipped. "So more people can stare and laugh at me? No thanks." She wiped her nose on her sleeve. "You have no idea how it feels to be an outsider."

Sadness filled Alana's eyes as she moved closer to Chloe.

"You're wrong. I do know what it feels like. For three years I lived in foreign country where I was the outsider. I didn't fit in with the locals, the non-Christians, or the Christians I knew. I never knew why I had to experience that until tonight."

Chloe looked intently at Alana. She realized what this girl was saying was true and heartfelt. Maybe someone could relate to her after all.

Alana continued, "Why don't you come back to ther service with me and afterwards we can grab a Coke. I'll tell you the rest of my story and you can tell me yours."

Chloe hesitated. She had already made up her mind that she was done, but something wouldn't let her walk out the building and into the rain.

"That sounds cool," Chloe replied and together they made their way back to the auditorium.

The band was playing a new song when they re-entered the room. Chloe felt as if a new song was already playing in her heart.

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Susie said...

Bravo Liana!!! I am ready for the next installment. I love your fiction writing, and it is so personal. I can relate to the character Chloe already, and can't wait to see what is to come.

I'm going to pass this on later today! Thanks for opening up about your fears. We are all afraid of something, and this encourages me so much in my own writing which is pretty much non-existent at this stage.

Seriously, I love it Liana!