I'm back....for a day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello blogging world! After 2 weeks of company I am back home and thought I would take a moment to say hello!

Traveling around China was great and I had a nice time. I think my dad enjoyed it as well, although he told me he was ready to go back home. With all my traveling I completely understand. Two weeks is my limit too! My favorite part of the trip was the cruise down the Yangtze river. It was a part of China that was amazingly beautiful and unlike the big cities I am used to. I loved it! When I have a chance I will try to post a few photos.

My family held it together very well and I am so grateful to them for letting me go away for 10 days! My husband was a trooper and although he served the kids junk food during that time, he did an overall great job! And I appreciate Kayley's help with my blog, and glad those of you who checked in enjoyed her post as well.

As always, life in the George family is never boring. While I was away on my China adventure, our children were formally accepted into the International school in Germany -- the last obstacle to our relocation. So upon my return home Thursday evening I found out I had one day to rest before we head to Frankfurt for a house hunting trip on Saturday! No, never boring. We will be gone for a week....

Amazingly, God has given me strength and energy to survive this month of traveling and the upcoming chaos that a relocation involves. I shouldn't complain really -- we only had 3 weeks to move to China; I have at least 6 weeks before moving to Germany!!

Again, my blog posts will be sporadic - sorry! I am so ready to return to NORMAL, whatever normal is. I've missed talking with you and look forward to sharing a few lessons I've learned over the past few weeks. Once I figure out what day it is, which continent I'm on, and what I'm doing, I'll blog away!! Until then, be blessed....

New New New New New!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hey Hey Hey! So you are probably thinking--"Wow, Liana's blog is sooo cool!!". Well it is. And thanks to me. Kayley. It is marvelous! So, as you know, this is the second time I have hacked this blog. But I felt sorry for my mom, because her last look--EEK! And I saw all her friend's blogs, and she needed to keep up with their coolness. Although it could use some work, I think I might keep it for awhile. I found it pretty easy to change and stuff. So now she doesn't need to spend money paying some professional person to do it, when I can. Plus, I got to thinking about this letting somebody else in your blog. They could keep your password, and then destroy it. I don't think its a very good idea personally (no offense to anybody who did), but of course that is just my opinion. Oh by the way, as you can see in the sidebar, is a picture of moi & my best friend Julia (she is german/chinese). We are obviously twins for twin day. But I think I will leave it up there because it's a good picture of me. As you can see, my hair is not curly anymore :O...I STRAIGHTENED IT! Haha, kidding, its a wig I bought for 200 RMB (Which I am still paying off my debt) And my mom doesn't like me enough as her daughter to tell you anything about me :(. I noticed she wrote about Abbey though...aggh. Anyways, since you have no clue whats happening with me. Well, I ROCK AT GUITAR HERO (if I haven't already told you) and school is pretty tough. I like 8th grade much more than any of my other previous years though. We are just so much older now...anyways, I look forward to getting into my mom's blog again without her knowing. Mwahhaha! Keep reading this blog! Peace out!

--Kayley (13 years old-3 years to driver's liscense :)